We all have things we keep around longer than we know we should simply because we can. It’s still working just fine, or it still fits, or it feels wasteful to throw it out. They may be well past their prime, but they still do what they’re supposed to, and “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.” I have a pair of Birkenstock sandals that have seen hundreds of miles of wear over the last five years. The tread is worn off and they are clearly old, but I continue to keep them around because I cannot convince myself they need replacing yet. Your website can start to feel like a well-loved pair of shoes: Even if they are outdated, slow, or not performing the way they should be, we don’t upgrade because we are attached to them. However, no matter how attached you feel to your website, you will eventually need one if you want to stay on top of competition and your target audience.

One reason to invest in a website redesign is to stay up-to-date with technology. In the fast and ever-changing world of technology, something that worked or was brand new a few years ago may now be slow, outdated, and offer a poor user experience. If someone comes to your website and finds that it no longer meets the needs or expectations they hold or is incompatible with newer technology, they are fairly unlikely to return to your site in the future. Because technology changes so fast, it is important to stay ahead of the game rather than waiting for something to crash and burn.

Another reason you should consider a website redesign is if your customers (your target audience) changes. As your business is growing, the world around you is as well. Your customers may frequently be changing. New groups are moving in and out (such as college students) or your customer base is moving with you, and you must evolve your offering to continue to serve them. Businesses are also changing frequently, and it is important to consider what your business is doing. Are you selling the same things or marketing the same way you were a few years ago? Your website needs to be reflective of your business.

Your Web Pro recommends considering a redesign every 18 months. As your business grows, we want your website to grow with it! Contact us today to learn more about website redesigns.

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